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Circuit Sprint – Multi Car

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Date(s) - Sun Jun 18 2017
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mike Pero Motorsport Park




18 JUNE 2017


ANNOUNCEMENT:            The Meeting will be held under these Supplementary Regulations, the NZ MotorSport Manual No 35,  National Sporting Code and its Appendices and Schedules particularly Appendix Five, Schedule C being the Standing Regulations for all Clubsport Events and Appendix Two, Schedule A – Driver and Vehicle Safety  Requirements.


When:                                    Sunday 18th June 2017


Where:                                  MIKE PERO MOTORSPORT PARK at Ruapuna Park, Hasketts Rd, Templeton.


Time:                                     Documentation                    8:30am – 10:00am

Scrutineering                        8:45am – 9:55am

Drivers Briefing                    10:15am

Event Start                            10:30 sharpish


Costs:                                   Entry fee:                               $100.00
Member Discount                $10.00    (Canterbury Car Club members only)
Log-book Discount:             $10.00 off if your car has a MSNZ Logbook

Junior Entry (21 & Under)  $45.00   (CCC members only, logbook discount doesn’t apply)

Garage:                                 $10.00

Transponder hire                 TBA

Transponder holder            $10.00 (once only)


Payment by Credit Card or Eftpos preferred.                 Race Gas Fuel available onsite.


Organisation:                      Clerk of Course:                   )               Shelly McSaveney

Assistant Clerk of Course  )               Allan Coker

Steward:                                )              Bill Lightfoot


Classes:                              Class 1                   0 – 1300cc

Class 2                   1301 – 1600cc

                                               Class 3                   1601 – 2000cc

                                               Class 4                   2001 – 3000cc

                                               Class 5                   3001 plus cc

                                               Road-car Class:

You need to specify this in your entry if you wish to compete in this class.

To be eligible car must have a current WOF and current registration. Engine CC is free.

Car must still meet all aspects of Schedule A, NZ Motorsport Manual No 35.

No roll-cage or half cage (unless single seater / open top sports car)

Tyres: A treaded tyre will be accepted in accordance with manual 35 Appendix two Schedule A, page 242– NO slicks.

You can NOT enter both road-car class and a race cc class in the same entry.

Car must retain road car appearance, at least 2 front seats, interior trim etc.

A race seat and belts are allowed provided the car still has a warrant and registration.

Decision on what is allowed in this class is final upon chief auditor and / or Clerk of the Course.

A competitor can only run a car in the Road-car Class for a maximum of 2 years or 20 events which ever comes last and a logbook is required after 5 events to continue to stay in the class. If the car is replaced then the count reverts to 0 (zero).


Requirements:                    Car to Schedule A requirements, This includes keeping the noise below 95dB(A). Vehicles that exceed 95 dB(A) will be unable to continue to compete until the noise level has been reduced to the required 95 dB(A) or less. Please refer to the Motorsport Manual.

Overalls, Helmet, Extinguisher all as prescribed in schedule A, and we also highly recommend a neck-brace.

                                               Tyres – FREE. (unless road car class, please see above)

If carrying Passengers a FULL Approved Roll Cage and belts are required.

Current Canterbury Car Club membership or Full membership of any MSNZ affiliated club.

Full M Grade (Clubsport) license or higher mandatory.   Day licences are not available.

Shared Cars: Maximum of 2 drivers per cars


Safety:                                  Smoking in pits is prohibited (use the designated areas only Club Rooms lawn and the Wigram Room paved area and spectator areas).

Drinking alcohol is allowed in the Club buildings or adjacent areas

ONLY upon completion of racing.

Pits and Pit lane speeds must be strictly adhered to.

Pit Lane – any competitor or support crew must wear fully enclosed footwear in pit lane.

Competitors are required to move off the racing line as soon as they are aware they have mechanical issues or are losing engine fluids.

Competitors must obey the flags at all times.


Event:                                    The Grand Prix Circuit will be used for all Runs , with a minimum of 8 runs counting towards results. ( minimum may be reduced to 6 runs at the discretion of the CotC due to time constraints )

Each Run shall consist of .

    – One Warmup Lap to the starting Grid

– One Standing lap

– Two Flying Laps with the finish signalled by the chequered flag at the finish line.

– One cool down lap and return to the pits.

Run 1 and 2 will be Dual Car Circuit Sprints – This is “qualifying” and these will be used to establish GRIDS for Multi-car sprints.

You must complete Both Qualifying Runs to be eligible for the Multi Car runs .

Groups of up to 14 Cars are Started in Pairs at intervals to minimise overtaking , As each Pair is started all cars shall move forward so each pair has a standing start from the front grid.

Run 3 to 8 ( or 6 ) will be Multi Car Circuit Sprints

Following an additional Drivers Briefing drivers to allocate Grid Positions and explain Start and Flag procedures , Cars are Gridded Fastest ( to the front ) to Slowest in Grids of Six (6 ) cars.
Each grid will be started by Lights ( or Flag Drop at the discretion of the CotC )
Up to Two ( 2) Grids may be started with the Fastest Grid first and sufficient time delay between each start to ensure there is no passing.
Note. Those who fail to complete both qualifying runs , and those who only wish to do Dual Car Circuit Sprints will complete these runs in the Dual Car format.


Second Drivers (Shared drives) will be placed in the best grid position possible allowing for driver change times or in the Dual Car competitors group to enable the day to be run efficiently. Dual Car competitors will be run in their own group from fastest to slowest.



Multi-Car Championship: Results will be finishing positions (of each driver, in order of passing the finish line) of their group which will go towards an overall results table).

This will be done for each Multicar sprint – so up to 4 per event.

These will then be split into class, and the total carried on for each Multicar event.

Points will be given the same as the current CCC Speed championship.

After the series year, the results will be tallied and the most points from a driver will win their class. And the most points from overall will win the inaugural Multi-Car Championship Class.

Prizes (or trophies TBC) will also be given to those first in Class 1,2,3,4,5, road-class or Pre-90s. (The winner of the overall prize isn’t eligible for their class prize).


Timing:                                  Timing by electronic transponder or by manual stopwatch. Cone displacement = 5 seconds and failure to complete the correct course will result in a DNF (no time).

                                Best run of each course, accumulated OR all runs accumulated (announced on the day)

To be deemed a finisher and eligible for points 50% of the courses must have a time recorded.


Points:                                   CCC Club Championship – overall place counts

CCC Speed Championship – Overall & Class

CCC Classes: 0 -1300, 1301 – 1600, 1601 – 2000, 2001 – 3000 & 3001+cc and

Road-car class.

Also, when applicable, The CCC Interclub Trophy, Drag Trophies, Junior Trophy and

Ladies Trophy.


Results and Social            Our sponsors, Complete Tyre and Auto from Ferry Road, have arranged for the Club rooms bar to be open and are providing food for all participants.

Results announced and printed copy available

Watch our Facebook page for any photos that might be available.

Results are published in the Bulletin and on the web:

SPECIAL EVENTS may have a bar open and BBQ.

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