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Navigation Rally

The Rallies of today are a simpler form with high speed stages that were developed from the Trials of yesteryear. We have continued with this road legal form of motorsport designed to test the brain of the navigator and sense of timing and observation and driving skills of the driver.

On the 3rd Thursday of every month we hold a Navigational Rally (used to be known as Trials before 2010) on the country roads of Canterbury. We must obey the road rules but we learn the value of observation whilst driving and the skills of night driving and driving on every type of road surface in all weathers, even snow. Our navigators (passengers) also learn to give clear instructions to the drivers and they must also act as observers. It’s a lot like Orienteering in a car.

Competition is intense as crews who have been competing for up to 40 years test themselves against each other and any new comers.

Our Club Captain persevered over a 5 year period to start getting reasonable results and is so addicted to this most social and mind testing form of Motorsport that a major operation could not keep him from his monthly night time jaunt.

Usually for 60 – 90 minutes we finish with “on the night” results back at Robbies Yaldhurst or the starting venue (advertised if different from Robbies Yaldhurst).

Starts: Robbies Bar and Bistro, Yaldhurst at 7.15pm or come early and have a meal with the other crews.

Cost: $5.00 per car + $5.00 per person (A crew of 3 persons pays $20 total)

Must have: Driver with current licence, any Road Registered Car, Torch, Pen, Clipboard or similar and at least one passenger.
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For more details please contact:

Allan Coker

Phone: 355 4089
Mobile: 027 255 2669


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Single event :

  • Gourlay Challenge Cup (1947) – North Canterbury Navigation Rally Crew
  •  Hume D Christie Trophy (1948) – Banks Peninsula Navigation Rally Crew
  • The Memorial Trophy (2011) – Interclub Navigation Rally Crew
  • L C Parry Cup (1974) – Map-reading Navigation Rally

Over 4 Rounds:

  • The Lupp Cup (1960) – Interclub Navigation Rallies over 4 Rounds
  • T.V. Myers Cup (1960) – Lupp Cup Navigation Rallies – Crew


Over 7 Rounds:

  • Ferodo Challenge Trophy (1949) – Open Class Driver
  • Jefferies Trophy (1948) – Open Navigator
  • Ron Rutherford Trophy (1970) – Closed Driver
  • Jack Tucker Memorial Trophy (1954) – Closed Navigator

Over 14 Rounds:

  • The Tony Booth Trophy (1988) – Overall Navigation Rallies Champion Crew
  • The Caldow Cup (1987) – Timekeeper of the season
  • Hillgrove Trophy (1949) – Best Lady Driver
  • Committee Trophy (1953) – Most Improved Crew
  • Palmer and Doak Challenge Cup (1967) – Best Crew under 25 years

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