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Grass Autocross

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Date(s) - Sun Nov 22 2020
12:00 am

Hunters Paddock, 94 Camwell Park


This event is a Clubsport Basic Autocross Event, promoted by the Canterbury Car Club
The Meeting will be held under these Supplementary Regulations, the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its Appendices and Schedules particularly Appendix Five, Schedule C being the Standing Regulations for all ClubSport Events and Appendix Two, Schedule A – Driver and Vehicle Safety Requirements.

The MotorSport NZ Permit Number is: TBA


2.1       Organiser/Clerk of Course – TBA

 Canterbury Car Club
107 Hasketts Rd, Templeton
PO Box 16610, Hornby
Ph: 03 349 6003                                   


 3.1        Classes: Vehicles will be divided into the following classes:
Class 1 0-1300cc, Class 2 1301cc-1600cc, Class 3 1600cc and over.

  1. VENUE:
    4.1       Hunters Paddock
    64 Camwell Place
    (Off Flaxton Rd)

             Please observe the following Speed Limits:
Camwell Place – 50kmh
Hunters property – 10kmh


5.1       Entries should be submitted through the Motorsport NZ Online entry system, information here:
On the day may be accepted via the provided entry form. All such entries must be made on the correct form, must be complete in all detail, and accompanied by the appropriate fees.

Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry in accordance with the prescribed provisions of the National Sporting Code.

5.2       Opening and Closing Dates:

Entries open with the publication of these regulations and close at 12:45pm on the date of the event.
There are no late entries accepted after this time

5.3       Entry Fees:

The Entry fee is $30, including GST per competitor.
Entry is payable by cash on the day.


 6.1       Licence Requirements:
All drivers must hold a current club membership of a Member club, except for new entrants to motorsport, who may compete in two (2) Basic Status Events before being required to join a club.
Drivers must hold a current and valid NZ Drivers license. For those that do not, they may be allowed to compete but only at the discretion of the events Clerk of Course, ie: those who are over 12 but unable to get a NZ License.
If the Entrant is other than a driver, an Entrants licence in the name of the Entrant is required.

6.2       Competitor Understanding:
In submitting the entry competitors (Entrant and Drivers) are deemed to fully understand the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its relevant Appendices and Schedules.  In particular:

  • The National Sporting Code Articles pertaining to protests and competitors obligations, and
  • Appendix Five, Schedule C.

6.3        All competitors shall wear safety apparel in compliance with Appendix Two, Schedule A.


7.1        Compliance: All vehicles shall comply with Appendix Five Schedule C and Appendix Two Schedule A of the current MotorSport Manual.
7.2       Additional to the requirements of Schedule A, All Open Top Vehicles must be fitted with a rollbar in accordance with Appendix 2, Schedule A, Article 4.6 (2)  Note.5
For road registered vehicles with a current WOF and licence a non-homologated safety rollbar can be accepted at the scrutineer’s discretion.
Non road legal vehicles must be fitted with a homologated safety cage.
7.3       Tyres: Tyres must be road tyres that are warrantable including semi-slicks. Mud and Snows are permissible subject to the Additional Tyre Rules below. Rally tyres are not allowed.


 8.1       Documentation: Will take place at Hunters Paddock near Rangiora at 12:00 – 12:45pm.
8.2       Scrutineering Audit Inspection: Will take place at Hunters Paddock near Rangiora at 12:00 – 12:55pm.
Competitors will be advised at documentation if their vehicle has been selected for audit.
8.3        Drivers’ Briefing: This will be held at the conclusion of documentation. Attendance by all drivers is compulsory – a roll call will be taken and failure to attend will result in a penalty.

    9.1       Pursuant to national Sporting Code Article 13, the organisers advise that if less than 15 entries are received by the entry closing time the meeting may be postponed or cancelled. This may also occur if conditions are too hazardous to run the event.

10.1      Official Bulletins may be issued in accordance with the provisions of the National Sporting Code.


11.1      Passengers: May only be carried in accordance with Appendix Five, Schedule C Article 6.2. at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.
11.2      Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed by any competitor or their crew at the event before or during the day’s competition.
11.3      Shared Cars: Shared cars may have 2 drivers only.

12         TIMING / RESULTS

12.1      Timing

Electronic/Stopwatch timing
            2 runs at each test and fastest counts
Cones moved:                                                  5 seconds per cone
Wrong Direction                        Best time of the slowest competitor PLUS 5 seconds

12.2     Results 

            Best run of each course, accumulated.
Results announced after last event of the day and on the following websites: and “Canterbury Car Club Motorkhana/Autocross” on Facebook        

12.3      Inappropriate driving including hitting of multiple cones, regularly spinning out, or other activities which interfere with the smooth running of the day may see a driver excluded from the event at the discretion of the clerk of course.



Tyres:                    Autocross Championship
                The only tyres permitted for use are those that;

  • Are Road Tyres – “Road tyre” means a tyre designed and manufactured for public road use that fully complies with the current LTSA Warrant of Fitness requirements, and
  • Comply with Schedule A, Part 1,Article 2, Tyres and in particular the tread depth requirements detailed in (2)(a) minimum tread groove depth of 1.5mm etc, and having a minimum of 17% grooves moulded or cut into the road contact surface.

(iii)          Have a maximum of 11 mm tread depth with no more than an 8mm gap between any part of the tread blocks with the exception of the outer most circumferential groove (around the tyre) on both the inside and outside of the tyre which may be up to a maximum of 10mm wide (i.e. only two circumferential grooves are allowed to be a maximum of 15mm wide and they must be the grooves closest to the inside and outside edges of the tyre respectively) – refer to illustration at rear of these articles; and the outer blocks must all be in line (i.e. not one block out  and one block in )

Note: Refer illustrations at end of the Articles. Tread Blocks = road contact surface of tyre.

Circumferential grooves = identified by tread depth indicators.



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