What is a Motorkhana: A timed driver skill competition – there are usually 6 tests of up to 200m in length defined by cones and starting and finishing garages. There are maps provided showing the direction of travel and the course to be followed around each cone and the objective is to do the course in the correct direction without incurring a penalty (such as 5 seconds for hitting a cone or leaving the sealed surface) in the fastest time.

Run in a safe environment on the Ruapuna Track or one of our grassed areas these events are a challenge to even the most experienced. To drive a course around up to 24 cones in an area no larger than 200m x200m (often less) as quickly and carefully as possible means sliding the car, using the handbrake to turn and controlling acceleration to be as neat but as fast as possible and avoid hitting those pesky 5 seconds time penalty cones. A standard events runs 6x courses with each driver getting 2 attempts at each. Reversing is included in some courses.

Sealed events – Ruapuna Raceway 107 Hasketts Rd
Grass events – 94 Camwell Park. Off Flaxton Rd, Rangiora. Please respect property owners and neighbours by keeping speeds down on Camwell Park and the driveway into property, under 15 kph on shingle driveway.
Sign in 8:00 – 8:30 am (sign in must be completed by 8:30 – no late entries after this time)
Drivers Briefing 8:45 am
Event Start 9:00 am

Event Finish approx 12:00 pm

Classes (updated for 2023/24 season)
Overall, Junior (aged 20 and under), Ladies

How to enter


Entries to be placed via online.motorsport.org.nz or the Motorsport NZ app

All current/previous licence holders will have been sent an email from Sporty around 4th July 2023 on how to register, all others to register via the entry system

Entries will not open until approx 3-4 weeks out from each event.
A discount applies to entries received online & early (by midnight Thursday).
Entries can be made on arrival at the event, however the organisers request you enter early online if possible to assist with organising. Repeat late entries will not be accepted. On the day entrants should arrive early to have sign in completed well before 8:30.

On arrival at the event please report to the organisers to sign in BEFORE 8:30. For seal events this is in the office at the pit garage end of the control tower complex.

Entry Fee
Entries placed online by the Thursday before the event – $20

Late entries – $30

Pre payments can be made through the entry system or to the CCC account 02 0865 0020166 25 please ensure to use a reference stating the event

Or you can pay by on the day with cash at grass events and eftpos at seal events. Pre payments can be made to the CCC account 02 0865 0020166 25 Please ensure to use a useful reference and get in early, paying after the closing date may not be seen in time by the organisers.


Driver Requirements
No licence needed. Club membership required after first 2 events. Drivers must be over 12 years of age, 12-16 years old with parental consent.
Max 2 drivers per car.
No passengers permitted
Car Requirements
Road/Race legal, or “wofable condition” (aka the safety side of the car is in a condition that would pass a wof test)
Tyres – Treaded road tyres only. No M&S or rally tyres for grass events
Safety Gear
No requirements for helmet/overalls. Fire extinguisher highly recommended
Competitors must abide by the Motorsport New Zealand National Sporting Code, and all instructions from officials.
The Motorsport Schedule C Part 2 requirements apply: https://manual.motorsport.org.nz/index.php/knowledgebase/36-5-01-schedule-c/#c2-1
Example video of what the Motorkhana courses are usually like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyavSjV7xdM



Dates: Click to check our CALENDAR 


For more details please contact:

CCC Office Ph 03 349 6003 8:30am – 5:00pm weekdays