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Online Entries

This page is to give some details on entering an event using the Motorsport NZ Online Entry system.

It can be confusing for some to set up the first time, but after you get used to it entering events is very simple.

This entry website is not optimised for mobiles, it does work fine on some but does not work at all, you may need to find a desktop/laptop to use.


To enter an event:

Once the club have applied for a permit, and the event has been approved, you can enter online.
Before this time you can “register interest” which will only notify you when entries are open.

  • First step is head to and click the blue login button (or to skip the blue button step)
  • If you have an account, log in. Or register if you have not had an account before. (make sure you note down or remember the login details for future use)
  • Note – password resets are only done by MSNZ during office hours, it is not automatic
  • Please do not create multiple accounts, that makes things very difficult for everyone. Contact MSNZ if you need to ‘wake up’ an old account
  • Set up your profile, including a photo, and club membership details if you are a member of a MSNZ Club eg. CCC (some events allow 2 events before joining a club but you can still register if not a member yet)
  • Make sure your postal address is correct as for bigger events tickets etc are posted to you via this address


  • Next, in the top right corner, click vehicles.
  • If you have set it up before, or applied for the logbook for your car it will be in there. Check the details are correct and the photo is up to date.
  • If not listed, click add/find vehicle and register it or transfer an existing vehicle into your name
  • If registering a road car with no Log Book, take care not to progress too far in the setup. There will be a “Register Only” option to avoid going in to buying a Log Book or Authority Card.
  • Don’t own the car you’re driving? Skip this step if it’s set up, or ask the owner to log in to their own account and set up the vehicle. The owner does not enter the event for you though.
  • If you have your own transponder you will also need to go to the transponder management tab and add the details (otherwise it will say you have to hire one at the end of the event entry)
  • Some older race cars may not yet be listed online, if a search does not find the car you may need to contact MSNZ to get it listed


  • Car added, now enter the event…
  • Find the event in the calendar and click the small image of a car with a green plus (not the event title)
  • Work your way down the page and check all appropriate boxes.
  • The entrant must be the driver (unless you hold an entrants licence)
  • One entry per person, if you are sharing a car (assuming there are 2x suitable classes in the event) complete one entry and start fresh for the 2nd driver
  • Make sure you select what class you are entering in. You will need to do this before your vehicle will become an option to select (this also applies when searching for the car you are borrowing). Sometimes a car may not be listed as “eligible” for a class, you may need to contact MSNZ to change this.
  • Click “ENTER”
  • Pay the entry fee if required (generally Clubsport events and Club Race days and below do not require pre payment, but it does make things easier on the day if you have paid already)
  • Select either Cash, if you are paying on the day or wish to call us with a credit card number, or Bank Transfer and it will give you the required details (the reference number they give isn’t so important, your name and the event are very important). Make sure you pay this fee in time for it to show in our account to be seen before the office closes friday 5pm.
  • Note – your entry will not be completed until you have passed the payment page, even if you are paying on the day then just select Cash
  • Your entry will become ‘pending’ until we mark it as accepted, don’t be concerned if this does not happen immediately


  • Done
  • All you need to do at documentation on the day is show the secretary your membership and licence cards, sign the indemnity form and pay the entry fee if required
  • If you will not make it to the event for any reason after entering, please log in and you will have a withdraw option on the main page


If you need a hand with any step of this, feel free to give us a call during office hours on 03 349 6003, or Motorsport NZ on 04 815 8015 if the issue is with your login or car setup.
There are also some helpful videos explaining this process and others on the Motorsport NZ Website:

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