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Circuit Sprints

Want to drive a car fast without getting a ticket? Want to see what your car really does in straight line? Want to see if you have what it takes to drive a car around an International circuit at speed? Want to see if you have the skills to take a part time hobby into something more serious?

Well – in Canterbury, if you haven’t started with Karts and the rest, and you want to see what you can do, here is the place to come.

Our Circuit Sprint events is where you can show up once you have the necessary licence / membership to give it a go. Countless have started here (and still race here every month) who have gone to Club Days, National race meetings, Hillclimbs, Street Sprints, the lot.


You can hit 200km/h + down the front straight at Ruapuna – but you’ll learn a lot more by negotiating hairpins / cambered corners / your own skills – the lot.

Being ready for this type of racing involves a bit of preparation though – you need a Full Club Membership, a Motorsport NZ M Grade Licence (minimum), plus having your car to Schedule A – including fire extinguisher mounted by a metal bracket. Approved overalls and helmet also apply.

Dual Car Circuit Sprints normally consist of being split into groups of 6-8, heading out onto a course (for example the GP circuit with no dipper), having a warmup lap, then coming to a halt on the grid. You are then flagged away in pairs, with the next pair starting 10 seconds behind you, and so on. You have one standing lap, followed by one flying lap (sometimes 2!) then the chequered flag. You then have one warm down lap.

You then get a second go (same as above) on the same course and the best time out of those 2 courses will get carried through to the overall result.

You will then repeat all of that on at least 3 separate courses – meaning you will do heaps of laps on the day! Excellent value for money.

Multi Car Circuit Sprints begin the day with “qualifying” in the form of Dual Car Sprints like above, but then you get split into 6 car grids for a short sprint “race”.
Officially you’re just racing against the clock, but you are out there with up to 5 other cars all released together.


Points to note:

* At Circuit Sprint events – Full cages or Half Cages aren’t compulsory (unless your car is a convertible). However full rollcages & full harnesses are required if taking passengers. Although, having a cage is strongly recommended, and if you plan on regularly competing its something we recommend – for your well-being.

* Neckbraces aren’t compulsory, but are also highly recommended. Due to higher motorsport events requiring more expensive restraints, we like to recommend neck protection to all competitors, and even if you don’t compete with them now, we strongly recommend you consider investing in one in the future.

Sounds a bit daunting, but its not – any questions, just ask one of the below – we’re happy to answer anything you throw at us.

Have a car that has a WOF and the above fire extinguisher & restraints and other personal safety gear – turn up, we won’t turn you away if at all possible. We want you to race and join us – see you here!



CCC Office – 03 349 6003
Shelly McSaveney – Speed Convenor – 027 669 4847
Jason Smith – Club Captain – 021 565 679

Links & Downloads:

Entry Form  (Print off and bring with you on the day, or just fill one out when you arrive)

Canterbury Car Club Membership

Motorsport NZ Licences

Schedule A

Sat Jun 13 2020 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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