Circuit Sprints

Want to drive a car fast without getting a ticket? Want to see what your car really does in straight line? Want to see if you have what it takes to drive a car around an International circuit at speed? Want to see if you have the skills to take a part time hobby into something more serious?
Our Circuit Sprint events is where you can show up once you have the necessary licence / membership to give it a go. Countless have started here (and still race here every month) who have gone to Club Days, National race meetings, Hillclimbs, Street Sprints, the lot.


Dual Car Circuit Sprints consist of being split into groups of 6-8, heading out onto a course (for example the GP circuit with no dipper), having a warmup lap, then coming to a halt on the grid. You are then flagged away in pairs, with the next pair starting 10 seconds behind you, and so on. You get 3 laps with a standing start then the chequered flag. You then have one warm down lap.

You then get a second go (same as above) on the same course and the best time out of those 2 courses will get carried through to the overall result.

You will then repeat all of that on at least 3 separate courses – meaning you will do heaps of laps on the day! Excellent value for money.

Multi Car
Some events are run as a Multi Car Sprint.
2x runs are Dual Car and used as qualifying.
Further runs are small grids up up to 6 cars, seeded fastest to the front.
Dual car runs are also continued as an option for people who prefer this method

Ruapuna Raceway 107 Hasketts Rd
Other events as notified
Documentation & Scrutineering –
8:30 – 9:30am. event finishes approx 4-5:00

Twilight events Documentation & Scrutineering 1:00 – 2:00pm, finish approx 7:00 – 8:00pm. Lights required for last course to be classed a finisher

Entry Fee
Entries placed online by the Thursday before the event – $95
Manual entry form or late entries – $120
Pre payments can be made through the entry system or to the CCC account 02 0865 0020166 25. Please ensure to use a useful reference and get in early, paying after the closing date may not be seen in time by the organisers.
Payments on the day by EFTPOS
Driver Requirements
MSNZ M Grade licence and Club Membership required.
Car Requirements
Road legal or race car meeting Motorsport NZ Schedule A
Convertible cars must have homologated roll protection, it must have 50mm clearance above the drivers helmet in normal seated position.
Roll cage not required for road legal cars (with a roof), there is even a championship for road cars.
Class 1: 0 – 1300cc
Class 2: 1301 – 1600cc
Class 3: 1601 – 2000cc
Class 4: 2001 – 3000cc
Class 5: 3001 plus cc
Cross cars (Vehicles running under Schedule XC)
Road-car Class
Safety Gear
As per Motorsport NZ Schedule A requirements for Clubsport Advanced
Approved helmet (See part 4.1 in Schedule A)
Overalls, 2 layer FIA/SFI approved race suit or single layer with approved long underwear
Fire extinguisher mounted as per Schedule A (metal double strap bracket)
Neckbraces/Head restraints aren’t compulsory, but are also highly recommended

How to enter

Entries to be placed via online.motorsport.org.nz or the Motorsport NZ app
All current/previous licence holders if you have not already activated your account in the new system please contact MSNZ
Tips/info on entering online: https://www.canterburycarclub.co.nz/online-entries/

Full regulations for each event will be in the calendar page for the individual event once entries are open (usually around 4 weeks out)