The Canterbury Car Club currently run a range of different levels of events for car racing:

Promoted Events

Larger events for classes of racers
– South Island Endurance Series
– Wigram Revival
– Speed Festival
– Skope Classic
– Super Weekend

For more details on these events, see their individual calendar entries


Mag and Turbo Club Race Days

Club level racing for all levels of driver and car.
Emphasis on safe, fun racing.

For the 2023/24 Season the dates of the rounds are:
Round 1 – Sunday 20th August – Open Saloons, Club Saloons, Continental Rennsport, Open Wheelers
Round 2 – Sunday 1st October – Open Saloons, Club Saloons, Continental Rennsport, Open Wheelers
Round 2.5 – Sat 11th & Sun 12th November. Open Saloons Class within the Speed Festival 2 day event
Round 3 – Sunday 10th March – Open Saloons, Club Saloons, Continental Rennsport, Open Wheelers
Round 4 – Sunday 5th May – Open Saloons, Club Saloons, Continental Rennsport

See below for a description on eligibility for each class.
All classes get a qualifying session and 3 standing start races each

Driver Requirements:

All drivers require a Motorsport NZ C Grade Race Licence

Minimum Safety Gear: For a full description on the required safety gear please check with the event regulations and Motorsport NZ Schedule A
For all classes:
– 2-layer SFI/FIA race suit
– Compliant Helmet
– FHR (Forward Head Restraint, eg HANS)
– SFI/FIA Race Boots, Gloves, Balaclava, socks & full long underwear

NOTE – No Clubmans permit level is run at these events from the 2023/24 season, all competitors must meet the same safety standards above

Car Requirements:

All cars to meet Motorsport NZ Schedule A or Schedule AA rules


Race Formats, Classes Racing at Club Days:

  • Open Saloons 
    No breakout times.
    Longer races – 8, 8, 12 laps
    1 Bracket Handicap Race (race 2)
    Classes within this grid:
    GT (cars lapping under 1:30)
    Note – class cc ratings include correction factor for turbo, s/c, rotary
  • Club Saloons (Previously Clubmans)
    Laps no faster than 1:40 on the Ruapuna GP Circuit
    Sprint races – 6 laps
    2 Bracket Handicap Races (Races 2 & 3)
    Non championship class. Low key, fun racing
  • Open Wheelers
    Laps 6, 8, 6
    All fastest to the front standing start
  • Continental Rennsport  (click for more details on Rennsport Racing)
    Continental Rennsport Open and BMW E30’s classes
    Grid formats as per individual event regulations

What is a bracket handicap?
The timekeeper/handicapper will create a staggered, revered grid start with cars starting at 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Car definitions:
Saloons – For the purpose of these classes, a saloon car is considered to be a car with 4x enclosed wheels, exception being “Sports Racing Cars” eg Radical which would run with Open Wheelers.
Includes what MSNZ define as a Sports Car or GT Car (Porsche, Datsun etc.)

Open Wheelers – This class is often known as Formula Libre. All Single Seater / Open Wheeler race cars.
Including but not limited to: Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Open Wheel Sports cars eg Lotus 7.


Timing Transponders –
These are required for all race events. They can be hired for a small fee with your entry at each event.
Alternatively you can lease or purchase them from MyLaps 
For more details see the calendar page for each event, or contact:
Canterbury Car Club office: 03 349 6003 8:30am – 5:00pm weekdays