For Health & Safety and organisational reasons we are required to hold details and a register of all volunteers attending all events we run.

To help us do this we require all volunteers to complete the Volunteer Engagement form and keep this updated each year to ensure its accuracy and inform you of the rules & policies.

We can not accept volunteers at events who have not submitted this form (link at the bottom of this page)


Volunteer’s Rights and Responsibilities

Rights of Volunteers

  • To be treated respectfully.
  • To have clearly defined tasks suited to your preference and ability.
  • To be offered training, support, and supervision.
  • To be given clear communication and consultation channels.
  • To be given relevant information about the policies & guidelines of the Canterbury Car Club & Motorsport NZ.
  • To be provided with a safe working environment free from any discrimination based on age, sex, religion, or disability, as set out in the Human Rights Act 1993.
  • To be made aware of safety, emergency, and complaints procedures.

Responsibilities of Volunteers

  • To choose voluntary work which you can support wholeheartedly.
  • To work within the policies & guidelines of the Canterbury Car Club.
  • To be loyal to the Canterbury Car Club, respect its place in the community and help maintain its credibility and integrity.
  • To be realistic about capability, availability, and avoid over commitment.
  • To be punctual, regular in attendance and advise of periods of unavailability.
  • To treat co-workers as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  • To observe confidentiality and privacy at all times.
  • To report accidents, incidents, and hazards immediately.
  • To speak up when concerned or unsure.


Volunteer Media Policy

CCC / MSNZ Volunteer Handbook


Volunteer Engagement Form 2023/24 Season:
Online Version Click HERE


Flag Points Volunteer Rewards

As a thank-you for your help as a volunteer at events, for every CCC promoted event day you help at (and sign the volunteer register), you gain 5 Flag Points. (3x points on weekdays)
One Flag Point = one dollar of Club Merchandise you can buy.
The list of your current points will be available to be viewed at the link HERE (please note it is updated by volunteers so my not be 100% accurate at any time)
Contact Chris or Vanessa to “spend” your points, please not that people are often busy so be patient.
Any misuse of this system will see your right to these rewards revoked